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Useful tips

Travel advice:

We collected these advice through our own experience and our friends, travelers and experts experience which they got through the years they travelled around the globe.

- Three essential things must ensure that you have them when travel :
   passport, money and flight ticket.
- Check your passport validity and the remain blank papers.
- Check your visa validity and the written information.
- Check all the information mentioned in your flight ticket and in the bordering pass as well.
- To be at the airport before 3 - 2 hrs at least or according to the carrier information.
- When you are waiting for the boarding at the airport; check your terminal / gate number
  before enough time.
- Re-confirm your reservation maximum before 72 hrs if needed and get the print-out
  from the airlines office.

Sometimes, upon flight checking in, they may inform you that they dont have your reservation even if you re-confirmed your reservation; this may happened anywhere anytime; so you have to insist that you re-confirmed your reservation ( if you did that ) and show them the print-out that you got form the airlines office.
If they insist that they dont have your name, ask them to write you:
  * that they dont have your reservation on their system or the reasons for not giving you
     the boarding pass.
  * the employee's name.
  * the time and date.
In order to be a proof when making a complain to their management.
In most of the cases they pay compensation, and sometimes they just ignore.

- Count the bags that you are carrying with you, and write or memorize what you put
  in each one.
- Write your name and address on each bag.
- Put noticeable marks on your bags to ease finding them when arrival.
- Dont put valuable things inside your bags.
- Put things with private use medicine, documents, jewelry and valuable things in your
  handbag and take it with you inside the plane " if its allowed".
- During long flights, Doctors recommend not to set in your chair for longtime, but must walk
  and make some exercises to your legs while setting.
- Drinking water is essential while traveling.
- Dont put your money in one place and dont make them visible.
- Make copies of your passport, flight ticket and credit card put them in a separate place
  of the originals; in order to use them if you lost any, and its advisable to put a copy
  at your home.
- Write down all the things which youll take and may need in your trip, and used it when
  packing your luggage; you may take a map, dictionary and a guide book.
- Its necessary to read about the country you are visiting and knowing their habits and
  customs, from both foreign and local recourses.
- Its good to know about the country currency its shape & value .
- Check the weather and take the suitable clothes.
- Some cities you can buy transportation ticket and used it and all transportations for
  a certain period 1Day 2 days ..etc .
- For your kids; bring them drawing books and stories some airlines offer that for free
  during their flights and its advisable to ask you kid to pack his/her bag with parent
  supervision to give them an emersion that they are important and have a major
  role in this trip.
- Take a photo for your kid to use when extreme emergency.
- Kids must have their name, address, telephone number, blode type written and the same
  for adults.
- Its highly recommended that you organized your trip through tour operator/ travel agent
  because they have local agents and they will be your backup when in need.
- Be sure to have these telephone numbers with you:
    * Your embassy at the destination country(s)
    * Your credit card issuer bank; to call them if the card stopped or lost,
       some bank ask for credit card number
    * Your travel agent, the local travel agent and or your hotel if you are coming directly.

As we mentioned before that we gathered these advice from travelers traveled around the world and from our own experience in this field, I hope you that find them useful for your next travel.

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