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Lebanon Tours
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Official Name

Republic of Lebanon, it's divided to 6 governorates, Beirut is the Capital.

Lebanon is situated in southwest Asia on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean sea, Lebanon is bounded by Syria to the east and north east, the Mediterranean to the west, and Palestine to the south.

Lebanon’s climate is varies, quite considerably from region to region, broadly speaking, Lebanon has three different climate zones, the coastal strip, the mountains and the Bechaa valley.

Area & Population
Area: 10,452 sq km
Population: around 3.7 Million inhabitants

Arabic is the official Language, French is widely spoken, as well as English and Armenian.

Time Zone
GMT + 2
GMT + 3 (from May to September)

Currency & Banking
• The monetary unit is the Lebanese Pound (LL) locally called " Lira ".
- Coins are in denominations of: 100, 250, 500
- Notes are in denominations of: 500, 1000, 5000, 10000, 20000, 50000 and 100000.
• Foreign currencies and traveler checks can be easily exchanged.
• Major Credit Cards are acceptable by hotels, many retailers like " Orientals, jewelry, fashion shops", restaurants, rent a car, Travel agencies.

• One International Airport
• Two ports
• 3 border centers with Syria, open for 24 hours a day
• Taxis are easy available in all parts of the country
• Modern Buses are available all over the country with regular journey covering all the main cities.
• Rent a Car companies offer many new types of cars & vans.

220 volts AC, 50Hz. European-style 2-pin plugs.

• Telephone services are available at the telephone centers and hotels.
• Mobile telephone: GSM network in use, you can use your own mobile line if your company has an agreement with one of the companies operating in Lebanon.
• Internet Services are available at " Internet Cafes ".

The mineral water is widely available in bottles in different sizes and brands.

Measurement System
Metric system is in use.

Business Time
• Governmental section: From 8:00 to 14:00 / Fri: 08:00 -11:00 / Sat: 08:00 - 13:00
• Official Weekend is on Sunday.

There are many hotels covering the country, these hotels are of varied categories from fairly low grade to luxurious 5 star and international. In addition to the furnished apartments which we advise for long stay.

There are many markets or souqs as named in Arabic, as each city has its own souqs, which has its special type and style in addition to the supermarkets & hypermarkets., so you can find all the goods that you heard about or you did not hear about, like Modern clothes, textiles, handcrafts, oriental items, jewelry. And note that the bargaining with the merchant is a normal thing.

• There are many restaurants in each city, serving a variety of Oriental and European dishes beside the habulebaple. The fast food & take away restaurants are available in the main cities.
• Table service is the norm and a meal is paid for afterwards. and meals are served late " lunch from 13:00 to 16:00 and dinner from 20:00 to 23:00 ".

Cities & Sites
Beirut :
the Capital of Lebanon, the Pearl of the Orient, a city that would not die. The destroyed town is once again active with modern and new buildings, complexes and investments.
Beirut is a very old city that many civilizations left their traces through the Canaanites, Phoenicians, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Omayyads, and Ottomans. Then left a lot of archaeological sites, such as the Roman baths & columns, Ottoman military hospital, Omari Mosque, the Municipality Building, the Parliament Building, Greek Orthodox, Catholic churches and the Traditional markets. Also Beirut is famous for the large number of modern hotels, tourist resorts, restaurants, cabarets, cinemas, theaters, modern shops, banks and the famous Pigeon Rocks

Jeita Grotto :                       20 km from Beirut
discovered in 1836 and opened to visitors in its final shape in 1958. It's a unique natural galleries on two grottos, in the lower one you can take a dreamy boat tour in an internal lake, the total depth of the lower grotto is 6200 meters while the Known depth of the upper grotto 600 is meters.

Jounieh :                             18 km from Beirut
The city which does not sleep, it extends along the sea shore with a beautiful bay and golden sand, there are so many hotels, restaurants, shops and night clubs, and you can take the cable car up to Harissa , a climb of 620m to visit the Lady of Harissa statue & shrine, to take a spectacular panoramic view of the city and the bay

Byblos :                                         37 km from Beirut
Gave its name to the bible, traditionally the most ancient city of the world, shared its Mediterranean setting with Phoenicians, Egyptians, Assyrians, Greek, Romans, Arabs, Crusaders and Ottomans. You can visit the Crusader castle, St. John Church, the tomb of Phoenician Kings, the Obelisk Temple, and the Greco-Roman theater.

Tripoli :                                80 km from Beirut
It is the second largest city in Lebanon, a tourist site and port of the north, it was founded by the Phoenicians in 800 B.C., and has many historical sites, such as , the Great Mosque, formerly the Crusader cathedral of St. Mary, the Teylan Mosque, the Tower of the Lions, the Crusader Cathedral of St. Gilles, the Roman Temple and the old Oriental Souqs.

Cedars Groves :                         130 km from Beirut
With it's centerpiece grove of 400 cedars, it constitutes one of the most precious relics of Lebanon. It is the most important center of the Lebanese mountains which offer interesting sites for both ski-resort and summer-resort. You can also make a visit to Qadeesha grotto, and in summer you can visit Qornet Esswda, Lebanon's highest peak.

Baalbeck :                                    86 km from Beirut
86 kilometers from Beirut over the mountains, on the main highway to Damascus as far as Chtaura where the road to Baalbeck bifurcates north. Baalbeck is a small town outstanding for its acropolis considered among the most important Roman ruins - and the largest- in the world. You can see there the temple of Jupiter & Venus, the majestic columns, and temple of Bacchus.