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Testimonials: Here you will find some testimonies and words were said and written about some of our services through friends, travelers, guests and companies who had dealt with us and expert our services;
, whether they are Syrians, reside in Syria or guests coming from all over the world.
Of course you wont find any complaint or negative about our services in these certificates ... Because there is no .. yet !!

Samer and his partners
Great! Samer was wonderful to help us for everything. He and his agency also support us for lost baggages during flight transport, asking flight company - in our name - refund while we were visited town of damascus. So they enable us to have fun no trouble of our personal effect... for these reasons and many others I advise everybody to entrust of Samer and his agency.
so I can send you only a big greeting and I thank you for everything .. Through you I could live my holiday in the better way
Name: Carla Croce
Nationality: Italian
Job: Employee National Research Council
Address: Italy - Rome
The service you got: Hotel reservation
Date of Arrival: sept 2002
Of course we have agreat memory of our tour in SYria.We could see many places and observe people moving and living there.Thanks to you, your kindnes and your assistance we could plan and rationalize our visit.Besides, you helped us understand the situation in your country, which is so different from the vision media would give us. As for touristic places, ( thanks for insisting about Bosra!) I liked most of all Palmira and the tour in the desert ( Qasrl Hirl Sharqui, Rasafa, dam, river Eufrate and Qal'Arat Ja'Abar) organized with the help of Jamal. And we found a little but interesting museum in Latakia . ( unfortunately no time to go to Ugarit).But also the visit to the dead citie was amazing. We tried all means of transport ( satisfied with all except taxies!) And Mmartini Dar Zamar hotel was the right one to end up! We really thank you for your help and most of all for your kindness. Please remember : if you decide to come to Milan, we come to our house. Write us again for anything you want to know. I'd like to send you some particular photo. I'll try, I am not sure I am able to!
Name: Flavio & Anna
Nationality: Italian
Job: retired
Address: Milano
The service you got: hotels reservation
Date of Arrival: 14 Oct 2007
Excellent Service
A very good agency with unmatched service level which get into small details reflecting an excellent tourism background.
Samer and his agency are one of the best in their domain whom you can depend on during travel through a very special care and treatment....Many thanks Samer and Good Luck!!
Name: Bassel Halabi
Nationality: Syrian
Job: Account Manager
Address: Qatar
The service you got: Flight Reservation
Date of Arrival: Dec 2008
a travel to SYRIA
BONJOUR,salam, mr SAMER.
I'm just comong back in FRANCE.Of course,i keep a very nice remember about my trip in your country!
EXCELLENT " EAST-WEST" services with perfect advices!;a wonderful country,also!;
i willcome back with pleasure next year,its sure!;my last staying in the beit-Zaman was very agreable and comfortable: thanks for your advice!;i will send you some informations about the taxi-drivers i had meet in HAMA and PALMIRA,and some pics about my trip,like the visit with a young beduin man of the PRE-HISTORIC site of JASAL (50 KMS from TADMOR)...You can also send a thanks to the taxi driver who was going with me in LABANON.
Best regards:
Nationality: FRENCH
Job: Classical music and books seller
The service you got: Hotel Reservations
Date of Arrival: 23 July 2009
Hi Samer

We are back home safely to a snowy Belgium.

We had a wonderful time in Syria, it will certainly be amongst our best vacations ever.

The archeological sites were spectacular and the weather was perfect, the people we met were so kind and friendly and the food was so good!

I was happy with our itinerary, I think we managed to get a good mix of things, the cities Aleppo and Damascus, the souks, the historic sites, the religious sites at Maaloula and Sedanya, the mosques and Saladins tomb and a bit of nature as well.

I wanted to thank you for your help in planning this. Everything went perfectly. We appreciated the care you took in planning little things like the surprise female guide for Damascus, planning the stop at the Baghdad Caf for coffee, making sure that Mohammed helped us with the check in (although there was never any problems) and for the phone calls to check to make sure that all was well.

We were happy with the accommodation. Mohammed was as good as you promised. He really went out of his way to make our trip as enjoyable as possible. He took us to some great places for lunch! He even took us up to the mountain for a view of the lights of Damascus before he dropped us off at the hotel on our last day. Please tell him that we send our best regards and that we really appreciate all the things he did to help us have a wonderful and memorable vacation, and we will always remember the many cups of coffee we shared along the way.

All the best,


Name: Zalini
Nationality: Australian
Address: Belgium
The service you got: Tour Around Syria
Date of Arrival: 21 Dec 2009
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